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You’re it

At the alexis PROJECT we believe in paying it forward. Why? Because all it takes is for one person to make a difference and potentially save a life. At the alexis PROJECT, we consider taP Ambassadors a highly coveted position. The responsibilities associated with it should not be taken lightly. Members of our Ambassador Program constantly strive to provide their peers and communities with easily accessible information on why driving drunk is dangerous, and how heroes are made by driving sober or riding with someone who is. A taP Ambassador not only serves as the face of our brand, but more importantly actively works to carry on the legacies of Alexis Calfee and Chris Oberg through compassion, respect, and love. While we are only allowing a select group of applicants to join our Ambassador Program at this time, we encourage everyone to sign our pledge against drunk driving and proudly consider themselves a member of Team taP. Spread the word, take your turn. taP, you’re it!